Is design assistance available?

Yes. A Command representative will guide you through the design process. We will suggest a solution specific to your needs, and then fabricate a pre-production sample or prototype for your approval. For less complicated designs, we will submit a mechanical drawing for approval. Upon completion of this process we will manufacture your production tooling.

Do you have a stock proprietary line?

Command is a contract manufacturer of custom packaging and products. We do have an assortment of generic tools and dies, but do not stock proprietary products.

Are there minimum order quantities?

There are order minimums for custom packaging. These vary based on the complexity, raw material availability, and production costs of your requirements.

What about tooling?

Command has an extensive library of proprietary tools and dies available. Should we not be able to match your needs, new tooling will be required. RF sealing dies are economical and a one-time charge. Die maintenance is Command’s responsibility.

What are lead-times?

The normal lead time for tooling is 2 to 4 weeks. Once your tooling arrives, you will be supplied a production sample for approval. Upon approval, production can begin almost immediately. Production time will vary based on the type of run process and order quantity.

Is printing or personalization available?

We offer silk-screening, foil-stamping, labeling, embossing and debossing . Our UV silk-screen process allows for precision printing of barcodes, as well as intricate and finely registered art. Provide your artwork in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Design or a high resolution PDF. Be sure to include all files and fonts used in creating your artwork. Please keep all font sizes to 10pt. or larger.

What type of materials do you use?

We primarily work with PVC (flexible and rigid), flexible urethanes, EVA, and some PEVA’s. We stock many gauges/thicknesses of double polished window clear PVC, with and without phthalates. We also offer a multitude of colors, prints, and patterns from material suppliers worldwide. Our mill run suppliers can match any PMS color or embossing you may need.

What about shipping?

Shipments are FOB point of origin. Feel free to request a specific carrier, or we will be pleased to recommend one. Our preferred small package partner is Federal Express.

Are credit terms available?

Yes. Upon credit approval, our terms are net 30 days. Alternative payment methods are COD or pre-payment. We do not accept credit cards.

Why use vinyl?

Vinyl is an excellent material for packaging because it is safe, sturdy, economical, easily manufactured, and environmentally responsible. In rigid or flexible form, vinyl is used to package a vast range of products including electronics, personal care products, medicine, health care devices, household goods, toys, food, and liquids.

Is vinyl recyclable?

YES. Millions of pounds of post-consumer vinyl are recycled each year, and more than one billion pounds are recycled at the post-industrial level. Many finished vinyl building and construction products contain some amount of recycled content. The Society of the Plastics Industry coding system, which is law in 39 states, uses the symbol “3” to identify PVC. The vinyl industry has an extensive history of supporting recycling. This effort continues as companies alone, or through their trade associations, expand existing programs and explore new opportunities to recover vinyl products at the end of their useful life.